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Remember earlier this month I mentioned WordPress 3.9 was around the corner? Well, yesterday, WordPress released WordPress 3.9. Among the highlights included are:

  • A smoother media editing experience
    • Improved visual editing – speed, accessibility, and mobile support
    • Edit images easily – quicker access to crop and rotation tools, scale images directly in the editor
    • Drag and drop your images right on the editor
    • Image gallery previews right in the editor
    • Showcase music and clips with simple audio and video playlists
    • Live widget and header image previews in the Customizer
    • Stunning new theme browser
  • For Developers
    • Themes can now use HTML5 markup for captions and galleries
    • Inline code documentation for action and filter hooks, and media manager and customizer APIs
    • External libraries updated
    • Improved database layer
    • New utility functions

For full version information, visit the WordPress Blog for more details. Or just watch this video here:


Are you excited? I know I am!

What are you most anticipating from this new WordPress release?

(Photo Source: Sound Colour Vibration)