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Southern Funeral Director Magazine

I’ve completed a few website migrations lately. WordPress becomes more well-known every day and more people are joining in and realizing the benefits of building a website with WordPress.

Personally, I love being the person that brings WordPress to those who are looking for an easier solution. Such was the case with Southern Funeral Director Magazine. Suffering from a huge case of what I like to call “Designer-Disappearitus”, SFDM had a web presence that desperately needed to combined into one look. With their original designer less and less available, they looked to a WordPress solution so they could keep up the website themselves.

Helping small businesses bring their website efforts in-house is what I do and I was glad to help. Starting by merging all their design elements into one look, now, not only are they able to add the new issue of their magazine to the website, they can easily update advertisers and serve ads… all without the need to contact a developer!

Sounds like what you need? Let me know if I can do the same for you.

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Date Completed: 03/2014


  • WordPress Setup
  • Custom WordPress theme creation
  • PHP scripting
  • MySQL database creation