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Jochebed’s Hope

Can I tell you how much I loved working on this project? Adoption weaves into the story of my life through my husband, so I will forever have a tender spot for it in my heart. That made this project all the more special.

Jochebed’s Hope is an a Christian ministry providing adoption education, information and support. They needed a website to convey their mission and services for those seeking help with adoption. In addition, they also help adoption agencies find suitable families open to adoption, so they needed a private, password-accessed area for their site were only agencies with the proper login credentials can view adoption profile books for suitable families. The website also has an events calendar, displaying upcoming dates for adoption information seminars hosted by the ministry.

If you are a family open to adoption and are in need of some help, you should definitely visit the Jochebed’s Hope website.

Visit Jochebed’s Hope >>

Date Completed: 02/2014


  • Word Press
  • WordPress Theme Customization
  • Events Calendar
  • Password Protected Access Area
  • HTML
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • MySQL