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Recently, I’ve been revisiting some of my older sites with clients to update their backend code and make the websites responsive… mainly for those clients who slipped through the cracks a few years back.

The most recent client to undergo the backend cleanup is Support Cannibalism. I created the website back in 2011, so it was in dire need of a review. The base of their website was a theme by a company who changed their name and pulled their theme from the WordPress Theme Repository so they could start charging for their work.

I searched for the latest version of the theme and found it was still not responsive. In addition, when we decided to move my client from their old ECWID e-commerce system to the WooCommerce WordPress plugin, I discovered their theme did not declare WooCommerce support.

It was then I decided to recreate the older theme (the newer, paid version has tons of new features my client doesn’t need or want), using TwentyTwelve as the parent theme for the client.

All in all, it looks the same. You would never know anything changed, unless you visited the website using a mobile device before I made the switch. However, it’s clearly already performing well and my client loves being able to view it on-the-go.

Why not go take a look on your mobile device and visit the Support Cannibalism website yourself? Let me know what you think!