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WordPress Show Recent Comments First

Ever come across an awesome blog post where you just *had* to leave a comment, only to find what seems like a zillion comments on the post? Pretty discouraging, right?

Most readers would probably skip leaving the comment, assuming you couldn’t possibly read their comment or want to take the time to leave them a return reply. I know I’ve changed my mind on commenting before for that same reason.

However, if you’re looking for a way to include all your readership in the community, you might want to consider switching the order of your comments to let WordPress show recent comments first on your blog post appear at the top of the comment thread.

How to let WordPress show recent comments first:

Step 1: Create a child theme

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll want to create a child theme of your parent theme.

Step 2: Copy your parent theme’s “comments.php” to your child theme folder

This will allow you to make your specific edits in the comments.php file without affecting your parent theme.

Step 3: Open comments.php and add the “reverse_top_level” argument to the wp_list_comments function:

Setting the “reverse_top_level” argument to “true” in the wp_list_comments function will reverse the display of your comments in WordPress.

And that’s it! This one simple change to let WordPress show recent comments first should help improve user interaction on your website.

BTW, the wp_list_comments function is very customizable. Check out the codex for more function options.