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Ever been to a blog where you couldn’t see any comments from the blog owner? Not very encouraging, is it? That’s why I like to make sure I highlight author comments on my clients blogs as part of their website design. I feel this is one of the best ways to let your visitors quickly and easily see that you do care for and take part in your website’s community.

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about highlighting author comments in WordPress. However, then my sample website was using a theme with code pre-version 2.7. Since then, I’ve updated the theme on my sample website and it uses more up-to-date code. I figured I should also update my tutorial with the latest information. So…

Setting up your blog that uses WordPress 2.7 or higher to highlight author comments is a quick few fixes. This is how you go about it:


Highlight Author Comments in WordPress 2.7+

Step 1: Create a child theme.

If you haven’t already, you can create a child theme to make your edits. This way, they always stay with your theme, even after you run any theme updates.

All the following edits will happen in the child theme folder.


Step 2: Open style.css.

This is where you’ll add the CSS change to highlight author comments.


Step 3: Add the CSS to change the styling for the author comments.

When WordPress added the wp_list_comments() function in WordPress 2.7, styling author comments is as simple as adding a CSS declaration for bypostauthor.

In my example, I used the following CSS styling:

So my example ends up looking like this:


And that’s it!

I’d love to see how you styled your comments. Leave me a comment below and I will make sure to visit your blog and check them out!