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WordPress Maintenance


Enjoying your WordPress website, but running out of time to support it?

If you need some help, I offer a WordPress Maintenance package. With WordPress Maintenance, you get:

  • Development days where maintenance or customization occur
  • A monthly site check and repair for any broken links
  • Core Upgrades (Upgrading to a newer version of WordPress when an update is available)
  • Plugins Upgrades (Upgrading to a newer version of plugins when an update is available)
  • Theme Upgrades (Installing new updates that become available to the child theme or parent theme
  • Weekly WordPress Database and File Backups

Basically, I make it my job to insure you don’t get hacked due to out-of-date software. In the event you do get hacked, I have a plan in place to get you back up and running quickly with minimal data loss.


How Does It Work?

Each month, I make a backup of your website, perform any core or plugin updates, then make sure those updates have not broken anything on your website. After that, I send back a report listing work completed. It’s as simple as that.

Custom Web Development

Improving your business is an on-going task. What you start with as an online presence evolves as time passes. From troubleshooting a problem to development and training, I’m available to help out as needed.


How Does It Work?

You let me know what you need done. I will complete the work and keep track of the time spent on your work. When your balance is low, I will let you know. And of course, anytime you want an update on your status, all you need to do is ask. The hours roll over on a monthly basis. They expire one year from purchase.


Pre-paid Package Hours

The more hours you buy at once, the cheaper they are:

1 hour: $75.00 per hour – $75.00 total
2 hours $70.00 per hour – $140.00 total
4 hours  $65.00 per hour – $260.00 total
6 hours  $60.00 per hour – $360.00 total
8 hours  $55 .00 per hour – $440.00 total
10 hours $50.00 per hour – $500.00 total

Monthly Maintenance

The WordPress Maintenance package is $50 a month. You must have a credit or debit card account to signup for recurring payments.

Pay for Monthly WordPress Maintenance Package

Custom Web Development


Custom web development is available for $75/hour.


Get with me to purchase hours

Need a Little More?

Most of the time, backups are the only thing you need. However, sometimes, you need a little helping hand here and there. For those situations, you can also add on an hour of phone/development time to the maintenance package. This would guarantee I would be available to address your issues during the work week within a 24 hour period.

Monthly Maintenance + 1 Hour Development Work

The WordPress Maintenance package with 1 hour of development work is $75 a month. You must have a credit or debit card account to signup for recurring payments.

Pay for Monthly WordPress Maintenance Package + 1 Hour Development

I want to allow you to do what you do best, while allowing me to do just that, by taking some stress off of you.

So contact me today. Let’s talk about keeping your website secured and hack free!