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Google Chrome finally has a fix… sort of… for printing PayPal shipping labels. For those of us who have had to go to another browser just to get those labels printed, this is a big step closer to label printing nirvana.

The Problem
When printing labels with PayPal, a Chrome window would pop up with the sad face background. Now, the window pops up with the sample label displayed. Once printed, the “OK” or “Cancel” confirmation window appears, but blocks the printing of the actual label appearing in a new background tab behind the pop up confirmation window.

The Workaround
If you click the “Ok” button, PayPal assumes the label printed and moves on with its next step. If you click “Cancel”, PayPal sends you back to the label window and closes the Print Preview window it opened with the label. BUT if you click the “X” button on the window itself, the pop up window closes and the Print Preview page remains open so you can print the actual label!

Voilà ! PayPal shipping labels printed from Chrome!