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Wood Sign - One Step At A Time at Art.com

Wood Sign - One Step At A Time at Art.com


Have you made and broken your New Year’s resolutions already? (I’ve already broken a few so don’t be ashamed to raise your hand… You’re not alone!) Now that you’ve gotten the guilt out of the way, you should get down to business and make some new 2012 goals for your online business presence. Here are a few to start you off:

Goal 1 – Update your Website Regularly

Your website won’t work for you if you don’t update it regularly. Think about it… would you keep coming back to a website if it wasn’t updated with new content or product listings? Position yourself as an expert (even if you aren’t one) by making regular updates to your website:

Action Items For You

  • Decide on a schedule for adding new content or products. I recommend twice a month to start out with.
  • Collect ideas for your blog. You can write about the latest news in your industry, new product ideas, partnerships with other companies, etc…
  • Update the copyright date, address, phone number, portfolio, customer testimonials.

Goal 2 –  Stop using Flash on your Website

Adobe has officially stopped developing Flash, so in a few years it will have gone the way of the dinosaur. Instead, focus on HTML5, the new star of the web:

Action Items For You

  • Do a search for “HTML5 examples” to get ideas on what can be done with it.
  • Contact me to discuss alternatives to any Flash you currently have on your website.

Goal 3 –  Make your website Mobile Friendly

With so many smartphones coming out on the market, many people visit websites using devices like the iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry, to name the most popular. If your website is image heavy and/or it doesn’t have a mobile version available, the display may not translate nicely to a mobile device.

Action Item For You

  • Contact me for a mobile compatibility assessment of your website.

Goal 4 – Use Newsletters to Stay in Touch with Customers

Having trouble getting visitors to your website or keeping your client base updated with the latest on your site. Then you should reconsider using newsletters. Newsletters are a widely accepted tool for social media and are easily incorporated into your website.

Action Items For You

  • Add a newsletter signup for to your website.
  • Create a regular schedule of mailing for the newsletter.
  • As with your blog, collect tidbits and ideas to share with your newsletter readers.

Goal 5 – Schedule Time for Marketing

Your business and your website cannot grow if you don’t schedule time every week for marketing. Make some time on your calendar to write a blog post, schedule future tweets or attend a networking event.

Action Item For You

  • Mark out that time on your calendar and treat it like an appointment!

You should see by now that websites and businesses are not a “build it and they will come” idea. Just like everything else, they take a little work to make them work. The 5 goals above are a good starting point for you to reap the benefits of the website you built.

Does anyone else have any suggestions for the goal list?