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Contractors – I am one of you. I understand your plight. Dealing with people is a hard job. It’s a skill many of us go to school to learn. (Project management, anyone?)

So please know when I write the below, it comes from a place of “I’ve been there.” Truly, I have empathy for your situation.

And you should know that I’ve worked very hard to be the best developer I can be. I strive to create excellent solutions for my clients as well as for other collegues for which I subcontract.

Which is why it pains me to be on the receiving end of bad customer service.

Guy Screaming at Laptop

It makes me want to scream at you.

After having worked several jobs where I needed to subcontract portions of the work, I have a serious bad taste in my mouth when it comes with hiring new talent. With that, I’ve developed my list of the top 5 things you should do to make sure you don’t get hired again for additional work:

  1. Don’t respond to a job email.

    If you’re looking for work, you have to answer the emails. ‘Nuff said.

  2. Drop off the face of the earth.

    Talk to your client/colleague , get their hopes up. Then after a week when they inquire on how the job is going, resort to method #1 and don’t respond.

  3. Don’t follow directions.

    After your client/colleague takes the time to carefully explain to you exactly what they need, make sure you take the project into the total opposite direction of what they asked you. When they ask you why you didn’t complete the work as requested, insist your way is much better (instead of owning up to the fact you really didn’t know how to do the job you were hired for.) I’m sure they will *really* love the initiative you took. *insert sarcastic laugh here*

  4. Don’t solve your client’s problems.

    When your client asks one question, make sure you answer with the response to a question he did not ask.

  5. Finally, make sure to insult your client when they insist on holding you to what you said you would provide.

    Responding to them with “You’re a feisty one” should do the trick.

What are some of your top reasons for not re-hiring a contractor?