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Recently, a client asked me if they should have just one blog or split up their blog into two different blogs.

The answer? It depends.

First, it is always best to start with one blog. It’s easier and more accepted by your target audience if you ramp up your blog activity, instead of starting off strong and then tapering off. After you have established a schedule, you can choose to add a second targeted blog to the lineup.

Second, you may simply want to consider keeping all your content integrated. Generating content is an involved process and splitting your energy across two or more blogs can add to the amount of work and time you invest in your business blogging. Remember, the goal is to blog efficiently, not constantly, for results. You might best be served by blogging from one blog and separating your content by tagging it with proper keywords, allowing you to present the content in separate channels within one blog.

Either way, it is important you define the mission statement for your blog. Writing out the mission and creating a short elevator pitch helps you focus your blog posts. It also helps define goals for what you want to do with blogging. Knowing where you want to go with the blog helps you be successful at your goal.

Have you decided to maintain one blog or more than one? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to see how you have handled your content!